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Who the F is Arp and what's with that song he played?

I need answers.

Great game and very good looking

Woahh you did a great job with rpg maker!

Quisk (Full Game)

Firstly I would like to say you did an amazing job making this game for a jam. I loved the characters, the simple plot and the music. The music gave me the feeling of a Zelda game which was very beautiful. This is also the first time I have seen RPG maker used for other genre's of games and I think you executed it perfectly. The platforming and puzzles were not difficult at all and I might say quite easy! I love the assets and sprites of the game. Loved this game overall and Ill give this a nut/10

Amazing game! Hard to tell it was built in rpg maker from how well it was built on different mechanics!


This game is so good!


Thank you! 😊