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This game read me really well... I'm kind of ashamed that this game figured me out, lol

love it

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very good little game :) it was fun to try out different paths  :)

i like the ending music 

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I am late to the party. Better late than never!

Got guardian! Only problem is I am too hasty and press the space bar whenever there's a choice acidentally so I have to restart the game to pick the right choice like the stoopid guy I am lmao

Im a warrior!


Seems cool and a unique take on rpg maker mechanics, and I'm glad it's on browser, but it doesn't seem to work in chrome.


A nice little game. I didn't know I was supposed to be role playing as myself so I made some weird choices.


Hey, just happened to come across this and found out you used my heart gauge.
Was a fun discovery I made, glad the gauge was of use to you.

On another note, loved this game- it was an original twist to how people could use RPG Maker in different ways than intended. It also seems(based off the screenshots) that this game can go in various directions, which is a whole lot of work and very interesting!

Awesome job on this!


Thank you very much, Smash Artist! <3
You are in the credits too (at the end of the game)! 

Yes, I saw it when I beat the game-it's very much appreciated!
Good luck on any future projects~

I played this game on my channel! The outcome was quite surprising. Might try it again and choose more things that actually describe me better. I still enjoyed it though!

Yooo the ending described me perfectly! This was awesome!

Hehe, that means the game worked properly! Thanks for playing, Whyat!

Really fun game and I enjoyed it. Did a let's play on it. Hope it get's more recognition. Can't believe I'm a warrior! 

Thank you for the video! :D I really enjoyed it!

this was pretty fun! 

Cute game. Kinda reminds me of choose your own adventure novels from when I was a kid. Good luck!

That was the initial idea! :D Thank you!