A new Quisk's version is here!

Hi everyone!

Now that the jam is over I can finally release this new version of Quisk! I know, the major issue about this game was the movement controls and I'm really sorry if you were frustated by them, but in this update this will no longer be a problem. I hope that you can enjoy more this RPG Maker Game!

Release Note:

  • The movement now is pixel-based so you can control jumps anytime!
  • Added italian translation in the options menu.
  • Added visual animation on signs.
  • Updated some text line to give hints on what to do.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Thank you all again for playing Quisk!


Quisk! [2.0].zip 155 MB
Aug 28, 2021
Quisk! [2.0] MAC.zip 197 MB
Aug 28, 2021

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Excellent game! I'm trying to do something similar with RPG Maker MZ and the Tomoaky Jump plugin. Any chance you can enlighten me on how you implemented the ability to jump through a tile and then land on it? I have not been able to figure that out yet!