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Wonderful game. I like the tile-set you used and your battle UI is fun.  Great RPG.

this is got to be my fave game so far on itch i cant wait for full version any relase date for full version?


This is great! Upset you can't choose your characters gender though...

nice good story

is nice and short depiste being a demo


i don't want to be a promising boy though, is there going to be an option to change gender




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Hi, I am live with your game :D

I love this so much! The characters are great and the art style is chef's kiss. I think all it needs is a bit of work with the grammar, and it'll be perfect! (ps, I LOVE the world map!)


The games are really fun and the art is fantastic !!! But I was wondering if there is a finished game out yet because I would love to play more but I couldn't find a full game. I can only find the demo. Is there a full game or is it not out yet? :3

Similar to pokemon in a way. ps continue this.

There's definitely a bug here. After you leave the first area after the town you started in when you try to go to the second city the game crashes and the screen goes black. If you try to press esc when in the black screen mode a TypeError pops up. Can't progress from here unfortunately. 

I just got a "TypeError" once while saving, the game crashed

This just gave me pokemon vibes so hard at the start, and then I wake up in a room shockingly similar to pokemon. I already love this game lol

I must repeat, you are a legend, this is automatically one of my new favorite itch games

Aaaa this game is so good 

When are you gonna continue this


Is there gonna be a fullscreen mode?

Hi, credits for music?

is this game inspired by hunterxhunter?


Awesome demo!! Is a full version in the works?

No :(

Deleted 259 days ago

forgive me if i just dont see it, but is fullscreen going to be a thing?


I played through some of this and I really enjoyed it, although I felt being able to switch classes could be a fun way to play.

how do you pass the level where there is a beast in the ice land?

You can't do it in the demo! ^^

how do you get  pass the demo though

The demo ends if you solve the fog puzzle in the city, you need to find the right way!


gambler is very underpowered and the forest is extremly difficult and you have to literally die to get the enchidna ill update you on how hard gambler is


The gambler is one of the hardest class! It's based on luck so sometimes you can beat the enemy at first turn...  and other times you're screwed XD

this is a good observation but even when i get perfect rolls i dont do enough damage and i gave up on the game before you comment because the luck barrier was too high and i just couldn't make it past the forest



Working with no issue now. Download that is.


Thank you! :)