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You wake up in a strange prison with one only goal in mind: find an escape from there. There are other people besides you, all linked by an inauspicious common fate: having committed the grave sin of eternal life

Welcome to Soul's Spectrum, where death is not the end—it's your key to progress. With each passing demise, your soul transforms, granting you new abilities to conquer the challenges ahead. Will you harness your abilities and fulfill your purpose?

🎮 Master the game's mechanics as death shapes you, enabling you to assume up to four distinct forms.

🧩 Solve a variety of puzzles and riddles, exploiting Nora's unique abilities to transform into the courageous Human, the haunting Skeleton, the elusive Umbra, and the ethereal Anima.

🔥 Confront bizarre characters, unravel mysteries, and outwit deadly traps in this exhilarating adventure!

💥 Unveil an epic tale of unexpected twists and confessions through your actions and interactions.

🎶 Let the original SNES-style music tracks by Javarnanda enchant you, shifting with the character's actual form.

Embrace your destiny and unlock the secrets that lie within. Can you escape the clutches of eternal confinement and find your own freedom?

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Puzzle
Tags2D, Dark, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


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Here is the translation in English: The game features an original and engaging gameplay that captures the player’s attention from the very first moment. All elements, from game mechanics to graphics, are skillfully blended to create a smooth and always interesting gaming experience. The main characters are adorable and well-developed, with distinct personalities that make them easily recognizable and memorable. Their interaction with the game environment and other characters is well-written and contributes to creating an engaging atmosphere.

Amazing demo!!


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game a lot, I hope you can enjoy the full version as well when it will be ready!

Very well done, I really enjoyed the puzzle mechanic with the form switching. The story is light and well written. I've only played around 20 minutes and really enjoyed the time spent playing.  


Great game! Can't wait to see what else you do with this project!

Streamed this yesterday with the dev present, but leaving this here for posterity:

  • +The graphics are cute and there’s clearly a good amount polish, so even in their simplicity they work very well.
  • +I like the text display, it’s very simple an elegant. My only suggestion there would be to change the display of the protagonist’s text from italics to maybe a different color.
  • +The concept of forms having different skills was intuitive, with maybe the exception of the swimming function.
  • +The sound is cute, especially the Kyuun of the ghost skill.
  • +The MUSIC CHANGES WITH YOUR FORM OH THATS ADORABLE! The others were ok but the skeleton’s xylophone steals the show.
  • -It’s a bummer it's only a demo. The cliffhanger honestly surprised me.
  • -The English needs a bit of a cleanup, but understandable since not first language of the dev. It wasn’t super noticeably, just a few niggles here and there. 

Overall a very solid entry. Brief, easy enough puzzle that doesn’t frustrate you, cute presentation. My worst complaint is that it’s a demo.

Thank you for your extended feedback! I will strive to do a good english translation for the full version (maybe I'll ask someone more competent to do it). ^^


as always you know how to combine all the elements in a right blend that gives life to games of great general impact. Very original and interesting mechanics. Great game

This was an awesome experience! I liked the atmosphere and the gameplay is original and impressive! I'm looking forward to see the complete version of the game! :D

Good luck for the contest, Thund!

You too, MissingSeven! Thanks for playing! 😊


This was such a fun game. I really like the aspect of changing your forms to progress forward. Great work! 

Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed the pacing of the puzzles too! 😊


Really cool little game, haven't played it all yet, but keen to see more :)

Hey Holy, thanks for playing! I noticed some lag/latency during your gameplay and I'm sorry for that (it can rarely happen with Rpg Maker games): I upload a new version with a possible fix (it depends on your graphic card). I hope you enjoyed anyway! 

First of all, This is a very original and interesting gameplay. i love it. The puzzle are challenging, i really love the action adventure "Snes style". i love the atmosphere. It's a dark story with some funny moments, and i love the plotwist.  i'm waiting for the complete game!


I LOVE IT! That's a very original game! the gameplay, the story, the atmosphere and the music are awesome!