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You wake up in a strange prison with one only goal in mind: find an escape from there. There are other people besides you, all linked by a common destiny: having committed the sin of eternity

Soul's Spectrum is a game where death is not just the end but an incentive to move forward: each time your soul is about to leave you instead it takes on a new form, allowing you to continue on your path. There're four possible stages that Nora, our protagonist, can have: the determined Human, the creaking Skeleton, the stealthy Umbra and the ethereal Anima. Will you be able to master your own skills to achieve your purpose?

Right now this project has been made as a demo for the jam so it's really important to me to know what you think, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for playing!

Engine: RPG Maker MZ

Made for the Indie Game Making Contest: Rebirth

English is not my native language, if there are any grammatical errors or bugs please let me know. I tried to do my best: if you want to give your feedback, please leave a comment below!


Made by ThundGames with Rpg Maker MZ,

A product of Gotcha Gotcha Games,

Published by Komodo Co., Ltd.


  • Thund
  • Vryell
  • Finalbossblues


  • Thund
  • Visustella
  • Galv
  • Hime
  • MushroomCake28 
  • SRDude (sumrndm.site)


  • Javarnanda


  • Elmoyenique
  • Hewett Tsoi

Updated 3 days ago
Published 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Action, Puzzle
Tags2D, Dark, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


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Soul's Spectrum [1.0] (zip) 134 MB
Soul's Spectrum [1.0] - MAC Version - (zip) 157 MB


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as always you know how to combine all the elements in a right blend that gives life to games of great general impact. Very original and interesting mechanics. Great game

This was an awesome experience! I liked the atmosphere and the gameplay is original and impressive! I'm looking forward to see the complete version of the game! :D

Good luck for the contest, Thund!

You too, MissingSeven! Thanks for playing! 😊


This was such a fun game. I really like the aspect of changing your forms to progress forward. Great work! 

Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed the pacing of the puzzles too! 😊


Really cool little game, haven't played it all yet, but keen to see more :)

Hey Holy, thanks for playing! I noticed some lag/latency during your gameplay and I'm sorry for that (it can rarely happen with Rpg Maker games): I upload a new version with a possible fix (it depends on your graphic card). I hope you enjoyed anyway! 

First of all, This is a very original and interesting gameplay. i love it. The puzzle are challenging, i really love the action adventure "Snes style". i love the atmosphere. It's a dark story with some funny moments, and i love the plotwist.  i'm waiting for the complete game!


I LOVE IT! That's a very original game! the gameplay, the story, the atmosphere and the music are awesome!